A Turin-based independent record label active since 2013
curated by Giuseppe Magistro and Matteo Fabbri

A Hand


Cover A Hand - Informations
  • 12.90€
  • Catalogue 003.5
  • Format Vinyl
  • Released 2014-07-20
  • Edition 150 copies

Fourth release - or third-and-a-half as its been labelled - comes from A Hand who delivers five tracks of industrial techno experiments

On ‘Negative Connection’, a maddening synth loop is backed by a rumbling bassline that threatens to break out at any moment. ‘Control Voltage’ is equally malevolent: a wobbling current menaced by quick firing blips and disconcerting shimmers. ‘Paper Scruff’, meanwhile, sounds like its percussion has been electrified - hi-hats with thousands of volts running through them.

Written and produced by Giuseppe Magistro.
Mastering and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London, October 2014.
Pics and text from Bleep.com.


  • A1 - 2:34
  • A2 - Negative Connection
  • B1 - Control Voltage
  • B2 - Paper Scuff
  • B3 - The Black Garden